More than a decade ago, Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation embarked on the Breast Cancer Prevention Project (BCPP). Its mission is to educate women about true prevention, not just early detection. It uses the wisdom of this ancient medical system, which is still in use today, to describe signs and signals of energy imbalances that appear long before signs of physical breast conditions like tenderness, lumps, cysts, tumors appear. A portion of the proceeds from sales of our items help fund the BCPP's work.

We're delighted to offer this range of unique products to help support your healing journey. They include books by Nan Lu, OMD, as well as his original music for healing and guided mediation CDs. You can practice powerful energy movements with him and his Qigong students on our Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health DVD. You'll find other wonderful items to refresh your body, intrigue your mind, and inspire your spirit.

We invite you to explore our store ... and check back for new items!


To gain more insight into how to
maintain breast health and help prevent cancer or its recurrence, take a look at Dr. Lu's books, video, music for healing and meditation CDs. > read more


You and your environment should be in harmony for maximum healing to take place. Healing symbols of calligraphy, natural salt lamps from the Himalayas, and more, can help contribute to your health and well-being. > read more

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Shapes and symbols carry energy. Browse our beautiful collection of specially designed clothing that transmit the energy of the masters who created the calligraphy. > read more