one-day training workshops

one-day training workshop

Teach your clients what they absolutely, positively need to know to prevent breast cancer. Special breast health training for practitioners.

Dr. Nan Lu, author and expert on women's health from the Chinese medicine perspective, has created a one-of-a-kind program to help women of all ages support their breast health. It's essential to know that women can be proactive when it comes to the issue of breast cancer. Based on the ancient, time-tested theories of Chinese medicine, this unique program gives practitioners and their clients the healing tools necessary to support breast health. Prevention is more than early detection.

one-day session training fee

$200.00: Includes 5 complimentary Wu Ming energy movements for breast health DVDs.

Learn the secret of true prevention for breast health at this unique training session that will give you the essential skills you need and allow you to teach these special Qigong movements to your clients and patients. These special energy DVDs offer a real-time practice session with Dr. Lu and his Qigong students.

Participants will also receive 5 complimentary DVDs–valued at $30 each–to sell or give away to clients or patients. It may appear our math makes no sense, but our dedicated mission is to get this vital health-saving information to as many women as possible!

why do you need training?

Qigong movements are simple energy exercises that can be practiced anywhere, anytime, by nearly everyone; however, proper training takes serious practice, and is key for your clients to achieve maximum results. To provide the highest quality service, your commitment to training is an important factor. During this one day workshop you will learn seven Qigong forms and be able to transfer this energy practice to your clients. In addition our Master-Level Certified Instructors will teach basic information on energy pathways that impact breast health.

true prevention comes from a strong energy system

True prevention for breast health is an active, life-enhancing process. From the Chinese medicine perspective, true prevention can only be gained from a strong internal energy system. Life force or the intelligent energy that powers the body's physical organ systems must flow smoothly throughout the body and the organ systems have to work together harmoniously. This can be accomplished with astonishing simplicity and ease through powerful Qigong movements.

There are steps women can take right away to support breast health. When energy stagnation in the breast area isn't addressed, and when certain conditions such as chronic stress, poor diet, and life imbalances are present, it will ultimately lead to physical manifestations of disease. These can appear as calcifications, cysts, breast lumps, etc. Self-healing Qigong movements stimulate the energy flow through the key energy pathways running through the breast area. These physical issues can then be dispersed and the internal conditions that foster them are resolved.

If you have a group of 12 or more individuals and would like to arrange a training workshop in your area, please contact us directly.

Training classes will be held at the TCM World Foundation, 34 West 27 Street, 12th Floor, NY, NY 10001. For more information or to register, please contact Elaine Katen at, 212-274-1079.

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