our healing stories

We invite you to check back and read more healing stories. We hope that they will inspire you to take action so that you can unlock your own self-healing abilities.

Recovering My Range of Motion

"More than 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. Fear and shock ran through my body as I explored medical options for ways to stop the disease. I decided to have a lumpectomy, followed by radiation and ignored the pleas from my doctor to take Tamoxifen® and chemotherapy. After completing six weeks of radiation, I was tired but happy to be finished with treatments. What followed was continuous pain in my breast area and an increased sense of pain down my arm. As the months past, I was not able to lift my arm more than 10 inches away from my body. Shaking someone's hand or holding a handbag was not possible. The doctors told me that I would never recover the range of motion in my arm and that I had to live with the pain. These were the side effects of the radiation. My immune system was also weakened and I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

For seven years I thought I had no choice but to live with this situation; then somehow I stumbled upon Chinese medicine and began to experience the miraculous healing power of Qi. I embraced daily practice of Qigong and underwent acupuncture sessions. Though the initial stages of Qigong practice were painful and difficult, I pushed through and now enjoy full range of motion in my arm and have no pain in the breast area. I feel that Chinese medicine's deep understanding of Qi, or life force, and its unique power gave me the option to change the course of my life. Without increasing my own Qi or life force through Qigong practice, and acupuncture, I would not be able to throw a ball or swing my arms on the dance floor today! Now I know that anything is possible."
-- Eloise B.

Healing Not Killing

"After being diagnosed with breast cancer, the treatment options I received were: mastectomy with lymph nodes removal, followed by four months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation. Clearly, I did not see the point of having my body infused with poisonous chemicals that destroy everything, while being told that those chemicals "will kill the cancer." I don't care for the word "killing"—I prefer healing. We're human. Healing can only come from nature—where we come from. As I searched for a holistic practitioner, a friend of mine recommended that I see Dr. Nan Lu at Tao of Healing. I discussed this decision with my breast surgeon and surgical oncologist, who, after seeing Dr. Lu's credentials, endorsed my choice. In traditional Chinese medicine, there isn't any talk of a "battle" with an illness, or "finding a cure." Instead, one learns to participate in the healing process. That is why I chose Tao of Healing as a part of my journey toward a healthy and balanced life. It has been an invaluable experience."
-- Stania H.

Regaining Full Use of My Arm

"A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. I underwent a lumpectomy and removal of all of the lymph nodes under my arms. Despite the aggressiveness of chemotherapy and radiation, Dr. Lu provided me with physical and spiritual support. When I developed lymphodemia, I was able to use Qigong movements to regain full use of my arms, even though my other doctors were only able to put bandages over them. Tao of Healing is well rounded in every sense. I have always found the staff to be very encouraging, supportive and caring. It's a loving place and an essential part of my life as I continue to use what I have learned about leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle."
-- Jessica M.

Rare Side Effect of Tamoxifen®

"I feel Dr. Lu is very knowledgeable; he explains himself and he doesn't feel as though the patient is incompetent. Whereas a Western doctor sends you away quickly to a support staff, Dr. Lu is compassionate, supportive, and believes in the patient's own strength. I experienced a very rare side affect from Tamoxifen, which I had been taking for five years. After experiencing tingling in my face for two years, and being told by all my doctors that there was no reason for this, I came to see Dr. Lu. After six months of treatment, my symptoms have completely subsided, and I feel completely renewed. All of my friends and family have noticed a complete change in my disposition and complexion!"
-- Salpy H.

Discovering My Own Healing Power

"When I came to see Dr. Lu over a year ago, I was looking for answers. I had breast cancer and I wasn't comfortable with the way in which the doctors I was seeing treated me and my condition. Dr. Lu's approach to illness and disease made more sense to me. His approach gave me the tools I needed to feel confident in my own ability to heal."
-- Marilyn P.