making practical lifestyle changes

Make a promise to yourself. Start today to make practical lifestyle changes that will help you increase Qi or vital energy and eliminate energy stagnation. Become sensitive to your body-mind-spirit connection and start to recognize when it’s becoming out of alignment. Your body will send you messages; can you recognize them? Remember: it’s all about Qi and keeping it flowing!


Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) places equal importance on the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It views them as being part of an inseparable whole rather than loosely connected pieces to be treated mechanistically.

When most of us think about caring for ourselves, we tend to focus on the health of our bodies. The methods we take to stay healthy tend to focus exclusively on external help—for example, eating certain foods, doing a certain exercise routines, or meditating in a certain way.

The secret to true healing is that the answers are always internal. Powerful healing comes from the inside. Our emotions and how we deal with them have more influence on our health than the foods we eat and the exercises we practice.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the root cause of breast cancer has been understood for many centuries as chronic negative emotions. TCM views breast cancer as a negative energy pattern that requires certain conditions in the body to take root. When we are angry, stressed, or worried and overthinking things, our body's energy takes on a specific frenetic frequency, one that is hospitable to cancer and other diseases.

By letting go of negative emotions, you can change your body's energy frequency. Doing this makes it virtually impossible for breast cancer to take root. In this sense, taking care of your emotional health is the most effective form of breast-cancer prevention and preventing a recurrence.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Requirements for Good Health

For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has understood the basic requirements for good health.
  • First, the body’s organs must be in balance themselves.
  • Second, they must work in harmony with the other organs.
  • Third, the whole body must be in harmony with its surroundings, i.e., Nature and the Universal.
When this state of balance and harmony is achieved, there is literally no place for disease or illness to enter. Sounds simple, but almost everything in our fear-oriented culture prevents us from reaching that all-important balance and harmony.

In terms of the body and its many parts, it’s all about PR! Everything is about maintaining healthy relationships—above all, between you and your soul purpose, then you and your body, you and your mind, your emotions, your family, the environment, Nature, your workplace, and food. (Incidentally, food is the last thing to worry about.)

Three Meridians or Energy Pathways that Control Breast Health

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), there are three major meridians or energy lines that control breast health. If you can keep Qi flowing through their invisible energy pathways, you are far along the path toward real prevention of breast cancer. Close to 70 percent of cancer is diagnosed where these meridians run.

These meridians are:
  • Liver
  • Stomach
  • Kidney
They are part of the following organ systems:
  • Liver/Gallbladder
  • Stomach/Spleen
  • Kidney/Bladder
They also have their own correspondences in Nature as we see from TCM’s Five-Element Theory, including emotions, associated food, other body parts, seasons, time of day, etc. As long as Qi or energy flows through these invisible energy pathways, you can remain well. Study the Five-Element Chart and you may discover some intriguing relationships that will help you understand your body-mind-spirit connections in a deeper way.

Beliefs and Breast Health

Remember too your beliefs play a key role in achieving optimum health. What you believe dictates your thoughts and emotions. Each of these elements—beliefs, thoughts, emotions—have powerful energetic qualities. Modern science tells us that everything is energy. Traditional Chinese medicine tells us energy has consciousness; energy has purpose. Emotions themselves are not good or bad, they just are … but they are powerful energy forces. If the invisible energy of emotions cannot flow freely, then eventually, they will create a visible effect of masses, tumors, and even breast cancer. Constant worry, or overthinking can unbalance Stomach energy causing this organ to malfunction. Being in a state of continual fear will unbalance Kidney function. And, always dealing with a lot of stress and experiencing anger chronically will unbalance the Liver’s function.

Based on today’s statistics, about 50 percent of breast cancers occur in the upper right quadrant of the breast—an area that correlates exactly where the Stomach meridian runs. You can eliminate a 50 percent chance of getting breast cancer, simply by adjusting your attitude and shifting your reactions to events that cause worry and overthinking.

Take a closer look at the three major organs associated with breast health in traditional Chinese medicine:
  • Liver and Breast Health
    The Liver has a very important job. It must keep your Qi (or life force) and blood moving freely throughout the body. It also must remove stagnant Qi. This is vital for women because TCM recognizes stagnation of energy and/or blood as a causative factor in the development of masses or tumors. The Liver and Stomach meridians travel through the breast area, so it is essential that there is a free flow of energy through these meridians. Keeping your Liver healthy is a key step in maintaining breast health.

  • The Stomach and Breast Health
    According to TCM theory, the Liver controls the Stomach. Any irregularity in the Liver's energy will naturally affect how well the Stomach functions. While the Liver is responsible for regulating the smooth flow of Qi, it has another task, which is to help support the digestive function of the Stomach and Spleen—two organs that work together as the source for body’s Qi and blood. If they stop functioning well, there is a big impact on the health of the whole body.

  • The Kidney and Breast Health
    The Kidney is the main organ responsible for generating Qi for the entire body. It stores the inherited energy received from your parents. Its natural course is to decline with age. Certain herbs and herbal formulas, as well as Qigong movements, can support this vitally important organ and help keep it running stronger longer.

Practical Lifestyle Shifts You Can Make Today:
  • Learn to stop worrying and overthinking. Addressing these emotions that are related to the Stomach/Spleen organ system can address 50 percent of the chance of getting breast cancer. These two emotions are based on the past. They then feed on the past to project the future, which is unknowable.
  • Teach yourself to recognize that Life is a mystery; it’s unknown, yet it is creative and loving and always about growth. You are in control of your own tranquility. As you reduce the emotions of worry and overthinking, the Qi or energy related to your Stomach will begin to flow more freely.
  • Eat for energy. Learn how to use the spiritual properties of foods and eat for healing.
  • Practice the Wu Ming Qigong movements on this site to increase your Qi. Everything’s about energy. You can learn to direct your self-healing ability. Discover how powerful you really are!