foods to avoid

According to TCM principles, there are certain types of foods to avoid during breast cancer treatment:
  • Charred and deep-fried foods.
    Both cause a condition known as "internal heat" in the Stomach, which can cause a functional disorder, i.e., it will cause the Stomach to perform its jobs, especially digestion, poorly. (Avoid these foods during chemotherapy and radiation, since the treatments themselves already create excess heat in the body.)

  • Raw vegetables.
    Eating too many raw vegetables weakens the Stomach and Spleen, two vital organs that must work in harmony for breast-cancer prevention. Although some nutrition is lost cooking vegetables, raw vegetables take lots more energy to digest than cooked vegetables. If you eat raw vegetables and drink raw vegetable juice and you experience excess gas, Stomach gurgling or bloating, these are signs in Chinese medicine that tell you these foods are adversely affecting your Stomach function. Chinese medicine says, "Listen to your body, not your mind."

  • Cold or iced foods and beverages.
    To reduce the condition of "internal cold" as much as possible, avoid foods with a cold essence or cold temperature.Your Stomach functions best when the foods you eat are warm, or room temperature (including water). Consuming cold foods and beverages frequently can unbalance your Stomach function.