the spirit of food, its most powerful aspect

You can use food for different purposes. What purpose do you want to use it for? In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it is the unique properties of individual foods that heal. If you want to maximize these properties, then the first thing itís important to understand is the spirit of food.

For thousands of years, foods have been prescribed as medicine in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The "prescription" of healing foods is one of the most important treatments in this ancient medical system. Their understanding of how food heals goes far beyond its physical properties. How is that?

In our genetic code, we each have the ancestral memory of how to use Natureís foods and herbs to keep the body healthy. We have the wisdom to recognize that foods and herbs come from Nature and we too are part of Nature. Everything is connected at this deeper level of reality. In other words, the body and the food speak the same language!

In this Earth, each food or herb exists for a specific purpose. By reaching their highest peak of energy, these foods have fulfilled that purpose and completed their destiny. They are ready and capable of transferring the message of Universal love that they carry to your body and to specific organs when you connect with them. At their highest level, the energy or consciousness of foods can help awaken or stimulate the memory of your own healing ability.

This is the nature and history of the relationship between foods and herbs and man. Unfortunately, our bodies have lost the skill to use these health supports to fight with internal imbalances at this higher level. On a less powerful level, foods are used for physical properties like vitamins, minerals, calories, etc.

There are two categories of healing foods: one is foods from a typical diet like apples, broccoli, barley, rice, etc. The second category doesnít belong to daily use, but has used herbs for millennia like ginseng, hawthorn berries, gingko leaves, and others, to heal. Different amounts of these herbs produce different impacts.

Using Foods to Awaken and Support Your Healing Ability

Once you understand that food can help awaken Spirit in your body, you can improve your relationship with it. Donít use food to send yourself a negative message that something is missing. Your genetic memory knows how to make every element you need to remain well. Your body has done this many times. Do not underestimate your bodyís wisdom or overestimate todayís information. Your body is so intelligent; it knows how to process the loving, intelligent energy of foods and herbs and apply this unique healing wisdom. If you can open your mind and recognize this wisdom, even simple ginger tea will have a profound health impact.

You Are What You Think: Change Your Belief System

We often hear, "You are what you eat," which is true. At an even higher level, "You are what you think." We often feed ourselves negative thoughts, which we then associate with our body, mind and spirit. Your thoughts feed your spiritual body.

If you can see food differently, you can reap more rewards from eating on many levelsóespecially that all-important body-mind-spirit level. If you only look at the physical level, itís virtually impossible to have a miracle. Once you understand the requirements for a miracle, then you can use food to achieve one.

Use this kind of thinking as a special technique to gain maximum support for your healing journey from the Universe itself. Use this thinking to rediscover your purpose and reconnect your life-giving body-mind-spirit connection. Ultimately, your illness has a purpose for good; itís a sign that you have somehow become disconnected from your lifeís purpose. Be happy. You your true self!

*Note: In TCM, names of organs are capitalized to denote a broader definition of the organ that goes beyond the physical to include its spiritual, emotional and mental aspects.