We connect with the spirit or essence of food because we come from the same source—Nature. Discover the real healing secret of foods. Learn how their invisible, spiritual aspect goes beyond physical properties, like calories, vitamins, nutrients, etc. See which foods can support your health throughout cancer treatments

ancient perspectives

In ancient times, practitioners followed this followed this Taoist saying: "“Food is better than herbs, Qi is better than food, and emptiness... > read more

the spirit of food

You can use food for different purposes. What purpose do you want to use it for? In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it is the uniqueproperties... > read more

recommended foods

Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), these are the best recommended foods for breast cancer prevention and treatment... > read more

foods to avoid

According to TCM principles, there are certain types of foods to avoid during breast cancer treatment: Charred and deep-fried foods. Both cause... > read more

foods for surgery, chemotherapy and radiation

In the body, blood and Qi are inseparable and travel together. Surgery often causes patients to lose a lot of blood and Qi, which must be replaced... > read more

shopping list for breast health

Add these healing foods to your shopping list. Change your eating patterns to include as many of these as possible, as often as possible... > read more

healing recipes

Following are several effective healing recipes for your recovery plan... > read more