mammograms and early detection

Studies have shown that mammograms are early detection procedures; they not actually breast cancer prevention activities. For many women, yearly mammograms are a source of stress and mammograms themselves can produce physical discomfort. A great deal of cultural pressure and fear surround mammograms, yet often women feel that they have no choice and must undergo this procedure.

Keeping the mind-body-spirit connection is vital. As we’ve seen emotional balance is essential to good health. The most productive, health-giving way to manage a mammogram is to use this procedure to prove that your body-mind-spirit connection is working well and your own daily self-care program is keeping you healthy. Try to schedule a mammogram when you feel your best. Go when life is not stressful and your emotions are on an even keel. Your mental state contributes to your overall sense of well-being. Early detection may be important, but prevention is still the best cure.

Recovering from Breast Cancer with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Integrating traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) into your medical care doesn't have to involve acupuncture needles or herbal formulas. You can help yourself heal using time-tested TCM principles and following one of its most important principles: you are part of Nature. For the body to heal, it must follow Nature, not work against it. This section offers a unique way to approach breast cancer recovery using the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine.