choosing a doctor

Finding the right practitioner for the job is crucial. Search for someone who will support you at the body, mind and spirit levels. Be sure they are willing to focus on supporting your healing process instead of using technical weapons to fight with your breast cancer. Your doctor should never be a source of stress or frustration. As leader of your own healing journey, you must choose the team—individuals who help empower your body, mind and spirit to function as one.

Practitioners should:
  • encourage you to regain your healing power.
  • support you and want you to achieve your goal.
  • agree that your true feelings should be the first priority.

Forming a Partnership with Your Medical Team

To successfully fight breast cancer, the doctor and patient must form a special partnership. You’re the boss of your body, but this is a team effort and you must be the team captain. The best doctor for you is not necessarily the most famous or busiest one, or even the one who treated your friend. Choose a doctor who understands your unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Choose one who understands what your body can handle. All treatments should be tailored to you specifically. Your body wants to survive. It has its own healing power. And … it is 100 percent loyal to you alone!

Your healing team may have many different members and different expertise, but their goal should be the same: to help you regain your true identity, your life, and good health. Everyone on the team needs to agree to this goal. Procedures and modalities should support it. Above all, your own body, mind and spirit must all agree wholeheartedly to embark on this healing journey.