Breast cancer diagnosis can create deep fear. Remind yourself the majority of women diagnosed with this condition have overcome it. Worry and fear drain vital energy your body needs for the healing journey ahead. Begin conserving your emotional and physical energies now. Where you begin is what you carry forward.

managing your mammogram

Studies have shown that mammograms are early detection procedures; they not actually breast cancer prevention activities. For many women... >read more

choosing a doctor

Although undergoing surgery seems to be a largely passive experience, it affects you on the body-mind-spirit level... >read more

preparing for breast cancer treatment

Managing Side Effects of Estrogen Treatments
Following initial treatment for breast cancer, you may be prescribed one of two estrogen... >read more

managing surgery

Breast cancer is not a death sentence. Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be an overwhelming moment... >read more

managing chemotherapy & radiation

Conventional breast-cancer treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, require a great deal of Qi or energy to recover from... >read more

estrogen treatment

As with surgery, remaining calm and peaceful is a key part of keeping your body strong to recover from chemotherapy and radiation... >read more

understanding traditional chinese medicine (tcm)

There are six major healing modalities in traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is the one most people are familiar with... >read more