creating a miracle

From the TCM perspective, there is a particular continuum or path that leads to breast cancer. It is comprised of life problems and emotional issues—especially damaged emotional relationships—that have accumulated over time Today’s result is that, deep down, life itself is not happy or fulfilled on its deepest level. The problems trigger the cancer; then the cancer can cause death. Many breast cancer patients are lost and have become disconnected from their body-mind-spirit connection and unique purpose for being. The prospect of death changes everything; it causes a woman to re-evaluate her life, her relationships, her priorities and personal goals. From the spiritual perspective, we should solve the mystery of why this disconnection has occurred; then miracles can happen.

Every religion talks about miracles as well as the faith and love required for their manifestation. Many people have heard about miracles. Some have even seen them happen to family members or friends. Almost all breast cancer patients hope for a miracle, but there are requirements. If they can be met, then miracles can and do happen. Miracles do not happen by themselves.

It’s essential to recognize that miracles never come from special pills, unique diets, aggressive treatments, or famous hospitals. They come from within—invisible phenomena that appear in the visible world. They are outside of time and space. Miracles always happen to a specific individual because of who they are and what they believe.

Each of us carries a miracle within. We are the miracle, but not everyone allows themselves to meet this requirement, so the miracle remains dormant. If you don’t believe in the reality of miracles, then they will never happen for you.

Requirements for a Miracle

  • The first requirement is belief.
  • The second requirement is belief that the miracle lives inside you and you are the key to activating your own miracle.
  • The third requirement is the understanding that Life, the pulsing spark of consciousness, has purpose. This purpose is rooted in growth, creativity, change, happiness and joy. Each cell in our body is programmed for healthy growth and happiness. We are born with this birthright. We are entitled to enjoy our lives fully—not someone else’s life, but our own life.

Your Life, Your Unique Purpose, Your Fulfillment

We hope you will recognize that your life has its unique purpose. Everything that happens to you has a purpose and meaning in your life. Events that happen to you or your body, like breast cancer, also have a purpose. Once you go deep and identify that purpose, the event or object has no reason to exist. Physical conditions like cancer represent vehicles for change—a way to change your life to better achieve your purpose. Only you know and understand what that purpose is, you can create a new, healthier path to achieve that goal.

To help create conditions that favor a miracle, return to moments in your life when you were truly happy. Recall these memories often; they are alive within your cells today. They have the ability to stimulate your powerful life force. Trust that you are the miracle. Trust that your life has purpose. Love your self. Make yourself, not others, happy first. Experience the joy of your own vitality and truly live your miraculous life!